Itinerary ke Central Japan aka Shoryudo: Highway Bus Ticket

On 28 August 2016, I went to Japan for Gaya Travel Magazine under the invitation from Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and Meitetsu.

Central Japan is called Shoryudo. Why? Because of its shape on the map resembles a rising dragon, which in Japanese culture – it symbolizes wealth and power.


Shoryudo or Central Japan offers a lot and has become country’s top tourist destinations — attracts tourists with its natural beauty, culture, and history. To top it all, Shoryudo has the best hot spring resorts in Japan. Imagine yourself enjoying the hot spring in the serene of the forests surrounded by the mountains that formed Japan Alps.

This is to share with you guys one of the possible itinerary to travel across Central Japan aka Shoryudo.


Shoryudo Highway Bus Ticket

Shoryudo Highway Bus Ticket is actually a master ticket that helps travellers get connected to all cities within Central Japan by bus, which might be cheaper than other modes of transport. It also gives free access to Chubu Centrair International Airport (Central Japan International Airport) in Nagoya and Komatsu Airport in Kanazawa. Travellers can choose either the 3-Day Pass for ¥7,000 (RM 290) or 5-Day Pass for ¥14,000 (RM580). When travellers use this pass, they need to travel on these buses on consecutive days.

The master ticket or pass can be purchased online or at any travel agencies outside Japan. For Malaysian travellers, we recommend that they contact Wendy Tour Sdn Bhd to purchase the ticket or pass, and ask questions about travelling around Central Japan. Each master ticket or pass can be used to access buses, certain trams and certain trains to destinations in Central Japan. It can also be used to get discounts when shopping at retail outlets that are operated by the Meitetsu Group. However, if travellers need to take a highway bus that requires reservation, you can only do it at the ticket window. The master ticket or pass cannot be used to reserve tickets online or by phone.

CP65, Suite 1306, 13th Floor, Central Plaza
34, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
T: +6 03 2145.2312 F: +6 03 2148 9364 M: +6 016 770 4915

Transportation in Japan is very coordinated and good. But that does not mean that it is easy. To help you understand how to create an itinerary, manage your travel plan and how Shoryudo Highway Bus Ticket works, check out this e-Guide by Meitetsu Group:

Find out more about travelling in Central Japan and Shoryudo Highway Bus Ticket here:

You can find this write up on Shoryudo Highway Bus Ticket on Gaya Travel Magazine issue No 11.5 that will be in store end of October.