I am Still Planning to Blog and to Share My Travelling Stories

Hola, amigos!

Well, I have planned to do this since 3 years ago. Although you can consider me as a travel writer now, because I have been writing for a travel magazine for quite some time, but I am still hesitated to write. Sigh!

It’s either because I find it troublesome, tedious, or I am simply lazy asssssss…

Anyway, really!

I am still interested to blog though. It would be really amazing to share my travelling stories. Including those dirty ones! Hehehe!

I know nobody is reading my blog now. But if you happened to stop by, thank you very much. Although there is nothing much I can offer on my blog right now, I really hope you can come back! Well, may be I am somehow blessed with the magic of a writer fingers and somehow they are really happily dancing on the keyboard to write down all of the stories I have always wanted to share! Now, let us hold our hands together and hope for such miracle to happen!

Meanwhile, I can say my Spanish is getting better! Well, at least the grammar part. Hehehe! And yeah, I built up my vocabulary pretty well too! However, it’s still not enough for a steady communications yet. Still the person who speaks the language must really speak at a sloooooow pace. Habla despacio, por favor! No puedo comprender que estas hablando!

Ok, that’s all I’m blabbering for the day.

Hasta pronto!