Ed Junaidi’s Travel Map

Ed Junaidi has been to: Argentina, Chile, People’s Republic of China, Colombia, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Uruguay, Vietnam.
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Graduated from Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia in 2006 in BIT, I am now pursuing my career through my enterprise company, Purple Cube Enterprise, in web technologies, in its science of programming, to creating aesthetic value in the designing its interface. I am capable of handling PHP and MySQL, HTML and CSS, and also JQuery. Although I am capable of developing Web based system, I am right now focusing most of my project development using WordPress.

If you’re thinking of hiring me, please email me your inquiry with specifications and requirements and I will respond with a proper quotation.

In the past, I had tried everything just to satisfy my hunger for new knowledge and to feed my curiosity! I did some modelling, acting, hosting, playing gamelan and also dancing. Mazin Siraj and Aleeza Kassim were my modelling gurus.  Well, it was all over now. I’m past that stage. Right now I am concentrating in my work as a programmer and also a travel writer. I am still a gamelan player though.

Right now, I am also a travel writer and an active social media curator. You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Tumbler. I have been travelling to many places either backpacking or strolling with luggage, cheapskate and luxurious, basic and also full pledge. The most memorable one have to be my backpacking trip to Mexico and South America, where I cover some parts of Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Colombia. It has always been my dreams since I was little to explore this exotic and beautiful part of the world.

Funding always a problem, but I find it a challenge to fulfil my dreams! For me, personally, I believe that no gain could be achieved without struggling.

Travelling has always been a pleasure for me to fulfil my social responsibilities, getting to know the world, learn various cultures, learn more languages and also to remind myself how small I am, to stay stand in a reality.

You can find some of my articles published in Gaya Travel magazine and website. I am planning to write more and explore more!