A Birthday Hideaway at Gino Feruci Villa Ubud Bali

Back in March this year, I went to Bali again for my birthday. Yes, for the nth times that I have lost count already. Hahaha! I don’t really like the beaches in Bali, but I totally enjoy the culture of it. And Bali is really a vacation island. So, it is never a bad choice for a getaway – either for holiday, honeymoon or just to get away from daily hectic life.

But in this post, I don’t want to write about Bali. I want to share with you about my experience staying in this one villa in Ubud, Bali.

Just so you know, I have long moved on from staying in hostels and affordable hotels in Bali. The real experience is actually staying in villas. Apparently after a couple of years, I have learned that Bali is the only holiday destinations that have a wide range of villas that can accommodate from one-pax to as much as 16-pax. I think there’s even the whole villa that can accommodate about 25-pax.

Moving on – yes, it is undebatable that there are other destinations that offer villa stays too, but mostly are luxurious and don’t really make you feel at home. Bali offers villas ranges from RM250 (USD60) per night for 2-pax villa to as low as RM900 (USD230) per night for 6-pax villa. I tried browsing the internet looking at the similar villa features in Boracay, Phuket, Lombok, Kota Kinabalu and the likes but unsurprisingly most of the villas are expensive luxurious villa.

So, yes. For the past couple of years, I have stayed in several villas in Bali and the experiences were amazing! There were some villas in the hectic traffic of Seminyak and Kuta; and there were some in the wide paddy field in Ubud. Mostly gave me a pleasant stay rich with hospitality and culture.

Anyway, last March I found Gino Feruci Villa Ubud on Agoda.com. I just wanted to get away due to a stress job that I had just finalised a week before. So I found this villa at only RM250 (USD60) per night for the smallest villa called Caldora.

From ginoferucivilla.com/ubud-bali:


The smallest of the available villa in Gino Feruci Villa Ubud Bali with 1 bedroom, Spinola is outfitted with all the facilities that you would expect from a quality, classy Ubud Bali Villa. Designed with forms and function in mind this Ubud villa is great for single guests or small families to stay.

Amongst the facilities available in Spinola Villa of Gino Feruci Villa Ubud Bali are private swimming pool, garden, international standard beds, and many more. For a more enjoyable Ubud Bali experience, all guests of Gino Feruci Villa Ubud Bali also can enjoy various standard facilities such as complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access, and more! Simply put, Caldora Villa from Gino Feruci Villa Ubud Bali is never a wrong choice for you to pick for a fantastic Ubud Bali experience!

It has its own private swimming pool, outdoor roof-less shower and bath tub, its own garden, kitchen, full set multimedia and a very very comfortable king bed! These are all in a 112 m2. It’s more than the space that I need!

It was more than enough for me for a RM250 per night villa. The original price is around RM750 per night. So, without hesitation, I booked the villa through Agoda immediately.

I have read several complains about the villa on Tripadvisor. But most of the time, their problems were too trivial like “too many mosquitos”, “found some lizards”, “ants here and there”, “leaves from the garden filled the swimming pool”. Well, guess what. The villa is build to make you feel secluded in a forest-like environment. It is surrounded by gardens of flowers and trees. There are even tall trees that have been preserved to live within the villa compound. I think this is a good idea and it gives that bonus experience staying in this villa.

I totally love this villa and will definitely come back if I want to find a place for a hideaway again.

Besides this one, there are another two type of villas that you can check out. But I think there are only two type of villas that you can book from Agoda.com – The Caldora Villa and Loriano Villa. The location is about 10-minute away from Ubud town. Outside this villa is a street called Jalan Lodtunduh for which along the street you can find a lot of arts shops, some nice restaurants and also amazing view of paddy fields.

You should go to Bebek Tepi Sawah for lunch. It is about 15 minutes motorbike ride from the villa. You can rent a motorbike at only RM20 per day.

However, I need to remind you about these are negative comments that I must share with you:

  1. This villa is quite old and in need of some maintenance or renovation.
  2. If you don’t like to go to toilet at night in the open atmosphere with big creepy trees and crawling lizards, please do not stay in this villa or any villas within Ubud area because most of the villas really have the features that can contribute to the same experience.
  3. Most of the transactions here are CASH ONLY. At first they may say you can pay with credit card, but in the end, you’ll find yourself counting the cash in your wallets due to credit card terminal not working.
  4. The night guy who took care of the reception counter was not as friendly as the guy who took care the reception counter in the morning – felt like he was forced for overnight duty? However, for most of the time, the villa staffs were very helpful and friendly.
  5. Maintenance guys were always late or not showing at all. But if you request for towels, drinks, meals etc, usually it will come back in less than half an hour, which to me it was ok because I was totally laid back that time. Don’t do it like that when if I were on a business trip.

So, check your calendar again, book a flight and book this villa on Agoda.com now!