I am Still Planning to Blog and to Share My Travelling Stories

Hola, amigos!

Well, I have planned to do this since 3 years ago. Although you can consider me as a travel writer now, because I have been writing for a travel magazine for quite some time, but I am still hesitated to write. Sigh!

It’s either because I find it troublesome, tedious, or I am simply lazy asssssss…

Anyway, really!

I am still interested to blog though. It would be really amazing to share my travelling stories. Including those dirty ones! Hehehe!

I know nobody is reading my blog now. But if you happened to stop by, thank you very much. Although there is nothing much I can offer on my blog right now, I really hope you can come back! Well, may be I am somehow blessed with the magic of a writer fingers and somehow they are really happily dancing on the keyboard to write down all of the stories I have always wanted to share! Now, let us hold our hands together and hope for such miracle to happen!

Meanwhile, I can say my Spanish is getting better! Well, at least the grammar part. Hehehe! And yeah, I built up my vocabulary pretty well too! However, it’s still not enough for a steady communications yet. Still the person who speaks the language must really speak at a sloooooow pace. Habla despacio, por favor! No puedo comprender que estas hablando!

Ok, that’s all I’m blabbering for the day.

Hasta pronto!


  • R.a.W | Ramble and Wander

    Waiting for your travelling stories… especially those dirty ones! Haha!

  • Emila Yusof

    Good for you! There will come the time when you are simply lazy to update the blog and left it bersawang for months but when you have the mood, you will write non-stop.

  • LOL! Probably blogging is not really my passion. ???

  • Hahaha! I’ll tell you those dirty ones personally lah nanti! Hahaha!

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